Death  8/26/16

if I was not working 7 days a week there would be time for blogging now I only write when events happen ,two days ago my white llama died (no name ) she was a rescue  ,its still very sad  however I am comforted that she did not suffer ,we all must  pass on .I wonder if my demise will be peacefully in my sleep or grasping for air ,I wonder if it will be  at the opportune time where my beloved boys are resourceful enough to not suffer live well and perhaps keep helping animals Well I worked from 8am to 5pm drove to the rescue and spent two hours digging a hole to bury her ,funny thing I developed a Adrenalin  rush  .and the 300 shovel loads seemed a mundane task.she is gone now under the earth but not forgotten


Peter 2/15/2014

 There are two types of animal lovers

 1  Perhaps I need to be writing about people who are homeless or children who go to sleep every night hungry ,life and burdened me to help care for animals /pets

A  Some pet lover use their business and management skills to help others who rescue pets/animals  with guidance and finances this person is  very fortunate as when needed can step back and take a break from the madness

2  A  pet lover who runs and works a rescue they never really get a break there is always a pet that needs medication ,there are accidents that kill ,sad pets and those who have no secure home and go hungry every day ,there are even vet bills that keep mountain and eventually break us financially.

After 7 years owning my private rescue ,I have realized nothing changes its the same senerio every day  ,pets who live in forever homes never grow up and leave ,its all about feeding,cleaning,maintenance,death,spending money you dont have ,and exhausting mental and physical energy knowing there is no way out and as we get older its a little bit harder to carry a bail of hay .Yes I see an ending either all the pets will eventually pass  on naturally living a peaceful safe life ,if I last that long or I might pass first and what will happen to the all of the pets left ??I would probably roll over in my grave  in anguish.

I have thought of ideas on how to have more time at the rescue and less time at work perhaps family’s camping out or some type of therapy for children you live in a very silent lonely world ,animals /Pets have a way of bringing children out of their shell

Peter 6/27/2016

Accidents happen a few weeks ago  our goat took to laying /sleeping next to the chicken coop he separated the wire mesh from the main wall a raccoon got in and killed one of our chickens  now there is only one this saturday I went to a local butcher shop and purchased two live chickens (spared from certain death ) animals know when they are getting ready to be killed  Now there are three . Everything went well this weekend at the rescue ,I dewormed the goats  and horses