Cat Care


Hello if you have decided to rescue many CATS here are some golden rules to help you and your pets stay healthy.

If your the only person working your project be prepared for lots of commitment and work every day ,

If you have extra money and want to keep your pets safe and healthy hire a family member /or animal lover to help clean and entertain the cats .

Basic care for 60 cats require up to 20 hours a week of care about $95  weekly in dry food ,plus cost of can food  and treats not to mention flea treatments vet visits and play time.

   ,The perfect senirio for lots of cats ,is a home where they have a/c and a secured  screened in porch where they can get fresh air ,I do not use clumping liter with many cats as where would I dispose of all the litter ,I use pine horse bedding pellets .see below photos of what I use for litter and storage


Do not use small cute water or food  bowls (you will spend every day filling them up )

Clean -clean -clean especially the hair -vomit – cats are clean as long as you clean up small accidents

fresh air (screened in porch with extra wire mesh to secure them )

clean water bowls

fresh dry food not food that has been sitting around a few days in humidity to get moldy

Treat for fleas and parasites

Perfect water bowl (wont tip over  )

r )great for can food  for serving dry foods 

The bigger the food tray the more cats can feed at one time ,everybody gets to eat not just the bully’s 

Got questions call me 813-887-4550 


 Outdoor cats do not LIVE long!! (Everywhere) I am not a vet and dont want readers to think Im giving sound medical advice .I only write about what works for me 

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