My Cats ?

Thanks to walmart for the thousands of dollars you have donated to my cause helping unwanted pets

When you love animals enough to rescue them ,you quickly  learn to be strong ,you have to for them ,they get sick,need food ,cleaned up after ,attention and eventually pass on you even learn to bury them ,there never is enough money  time in the day or energy most true pet lover keep to themselves .


I changed this page name to My pets  .As I feel I have earned the right to take credit and responsibility for all that goes on at this rescue after all Im am the one who feeds ,cleans ,worry’s and medicates the pets who all at one time were unwanted and homeless   .There will be grammar mistakes its not important when you consider I have more important issues to give thought power to  Im  just normal people who perhaps like pets more than people (making this statement as i have never worked so hard in my life for something that brought only one reward) makes me feel good to be a voice for all animals ,unlike with people and relationships that give more ,some run on automatic ,but not helping and protecting and feeding animals/pets .Like having  baby that never grows up or leaves home .My life path has put an anchor around my neck ,i am never able to go on a real vacation /i worry who will get sick next /who will pass on next /how best to buy pet food /thinking how not to fail /as long as I have my health im ok (thats as long as I dont need major medical )noooo insurance .So you die hard pet lovers you know exactly how I feel spending every last dime caring for pets ,the cycle never ends if a pet is adopted then another moves in (your calling is never finished) until your too sick to help another animal /or  you just get old ,sick and pass on .If I could have lived my life again I would put my efforts on not having pets (death of a pet hurts too much) I would rather spend more time at work .take the money I am spending now and donate it to spay neuter or rescue groups , instead of having 150 pets to feed every day I could have help many more thousands with overpopulation prevention of unwanted pets.Too late to turn back the clock where would all me pets go now???on craigs list with the many hundreds there needing home already no I made a commitment to these pets I intend to start living my life when all the at the rescue quietly pass on   Life has a way of turning on you ,I now  realize i am no different than the cat ladys who die old and broke .the older i get the more i have to compensate paying people to do what i cant physically do .its a shame with all the cat lady freinds i have none of us  is fortunate enough to know a wealthy cats person who helps , if i did not get donations from walmart and earned money from selling flea products .i would be financially ruined  .

click photo to see movie of cats eating can

cats eating can food