Missing cats

         Mystery of Duchess  the missing cat and two other cats dropped off by

humans  at Sandy Perrone park tampa.

     I did copy and paste info to make sure what I posted to be correct

information .

Sandy Perrone Neighborhood Park Center
5020 Kelly Rd.
Tampa, FL 33615-4724
P: 813-554-5000




To all pet /cat lovers for the last 2 years I have visited the sandy perrone park in tampa with my children to play and also feed the cats ,I did learn that homeless people in the area claimed ownership to the cats I also learned the name of 1 of the cats Duchess.I Grew to care about this cat and excepted that fact she was not mine to take .

 In the last month Duchess and the other two cats who were dropped off  buy humans have come up missing .I started looking for them here is what I done

1  made 7 calls to the sandy perrone park office always getting an answering machine and leaving messages

Not 1  courtesy reply phone call from the park office how rude 

 2 visited the sandy perrone park and left a note tucked in the door

Again no  return call  or response from sandy  perrone park management 

3 visited the pound in brandon

no real help offered there they are mostly concerned with easly adoptable pets not ferals,angry cats or old and sickly cats/dogs 

4 called the humane society  talked to a person

(no real offer to help provided

5 called the humane society again and left a message for the director  (waiting  for a return call )no return call 

6 called director parks   Rick valdez  still waiting for him to be helpful

 (he has not returned my last 2 calls and email ) got 1 em from him I want to know the truth a definitive answer somebody in this park  knows what happened (one morning at 8am I spoke to a lady sitting in a parks truck eating breakfast she was familar  with the cats and them sleeping in the warmer bathrooms )if she knows then management knows 

I am writing about my experience as i care about these cats ,I want to know that they were not trapped and dumped off many miles away ,Or just put down if I cant have them on my rescue I want to know that they are cared for and tell who might have them the black and white one is called duchess .

 If you dont love pets dont work at a shelter you wont work as hard as the pets  need  you to do 

I feel very frustrated as I try to respect everybody who might touch the life of a Pet,My good friend I asked he why does she not say anything bad about bad people ??she responded (I dont want anybody to hurt my cats )   I do not have a high regard for people who are in control of caring for pets when they are not pet lovers .Real pet lovers care about all pets old young healthy ,blind My problem dealing with county/city employees you run  POUNDS they seem to not care enough  about pets who would be considered not a good candidate for adoption  , weather its a feral cat .an older dog that was loved  and cared for many years enough to grow old and getting sick /blind  who just lost their old aged caretaker to death (and not family members care enough to step in )this is apparant when you walk in a pound and see an older dog waiting to be loved again .

Nobody wants to talk about   un adoptable pets ,that  rescue groups want to save and love  and care for most people have no idea how many  sad  endings there are for having to deal with pound employees .Who wont give the time of day to save the unadoptables that are  doomed to die

The word expressed in the streets come to the pound and rescue a cute  puppy  nobody rescues puppies every body wants one

want to rescue a pet ? rescue one a family might not want ,it might be old ,blind,have no hair ,teeth cronic health problems ,

                 Remember  nobody wants to die until they give up  if a pet eats they want to live 

Sometimes if a pet does not want to live and the  problem is curable then you should force feed long enough to get them eating again by themselves