Precious the cat

posted 1/1/2017

Precious was adopted about 11 years ago from a local pet store ,with the backing of a nation animal rescue group.When precious got very skinny I called the local group they sad since precious was adopted from them they would try help .I took precious to their high rolling vet,(thinking a blood transfusion would buy precious some more time . There recommendation to the national rescue group and myself  five  months ago was  to kill precious not to spend the money ,to pro long life .

I quickly understood what they were doing ,no big money to pay big fees  no extra services work will be performed Free office visit through the rescue group for the big tax break in the write-off STILL WORKS

precesious cat

1/23/2017 above photo of precious after treating him with the following for 3 weeks

Whiskas  replacement milk (he loves to drink )

good quality cat food


de earth given 1x day for 2 weeks then 3 times a week ,I will update his progress with photos in 30 days


Here is what precious eats every day 

He seems to be happy putting on weight and alive


Precious 2/13/2017 look at his eyes  full of life